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Kuta is now a thriving tourist resort, popular mainly among the young. It is a beach for surfing although currents make it less suitable for swimming. Coast guards, however, are on constant duty during the day. Kuta faces toward the west offering beautiful sunsets. Accommodation ranges from international hotels to home stays. The village abounds with restaurants, shops, discotheques and other tourist facilities. It is easier to find regular performances of Balinese music and dance in Kuta, staged specially for tourists, than anywhere else in Bali. Some performances are staged nightly. The village is ideal for meeting and mixing with other people, locals as well as visitors from abroad.
Adhi Dharma Cottage
Adhi Dharma Hotel
Alam Kulkul Resort
Alam Villa
Aneka Beach Hotel
Bali Garden Hotel
Grand Istana Rama
Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Harris Resort Kuta
Inna Kuta Beach Hotel
Kuta Beach Club
Kuta Paradiso
Kuta Sea View
Melasti Beach Hotel
Sahid Raya Bali

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